Red Light Juliet released, #1 on bandcamp, Track-by-track Explanation, Physical Copies, Music Video in Progress

The third official Weerd Science release, Red Light Juliet, was unveiled to the world on May 21st, 2013. We didn’t have as much as a preview of what to expect… save for tweets from @Weerd_Science, facebook posts, and an episode of The Neeshcast with Josh Eppard and co-producers: DJ Dirty Ern and Chris Bittner. We were clearly stoked though, Red Light Juliet made it to the #1 spot on on release day!


On the morning of the release, Josh tweeted a bit about each song.

Grab your digital copy at

This has been the most DIY Weerd Science release to date. Hell, Josh and the crew even asked for our input with hard copies! They decided to press 400 digipack CDs that will be numbered and signed. They will be available for purchase (at $10 plus shipping… they’ll also accept International orders) late June/early July. The Weerd Science facebook page will be the best way to know soon as the CDs are put up for order.

Oh hey, the Weerd Science crew have also joined forces with Videograf Productions and are filming a music video for “10 Smack Commandments!”

behind the scenes of Weerd Science - 10 Smack Commandments video shoot

~ by Neesh on May 25, 2013.

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