Become a Private in the Rebel Alliance!


Thanks so so much for your interest in helping out Weerd Science!  I’ve just got a few questions for you to serve as a reference to me whenever I organize missions.  I will keep your personal information private.  Email your response to and make sure to add to your address book so my emails don’t get marked as spam!  Please bear with me, I know this is a bit lengthy, but all the info helps

1. Your first and last name –
2. City and Region of residence –
3. age and birthdate –
4. what large cities are you close to? –
5a. do you have your own transportation? –
5b. if so, how far are you realistically willing to travel to see Weerd Science live? –
6. Where / when did you first hear of Weerd Science? –
7. Do you have any background in art, graphic design, film or photography?-
8. Which social networking sites do you use (myspace, facebook, purevolume, bebo,, deviantart, etc)? –
9. What other online communities (forums, discussion groups) are you part of? –
10. Do you have any knowledge of html, css, web development? –
11a. Are you currently in college?  If so, which do you attend? –
11b. Does your college have a radio station? –
12. Have you seen Weerd Science live?  Tell me about it! –
13. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, please do! –

join The Rebel Alliance communities on
myspace –
facebook –

and make sure to check out and !

whenever there’s something new – reach out to blogs you read about it.  Tell every one you know (in person).  Post it on your facebook, twitter, myspace, etc.

Miss Neesh
General of The Weerd Science Rebel Alliance

keep in touch with me on facebook | | twitter | myspace | reverbnation | vimeo | youtube

One Response to “Become a Private in the Rebel Alliance!”

  1. JOSH!
    I had her baby:

    Save me, I’m still in E TN.

    Love is love, always–

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