Limited Run of “Red Light Juliet” CDs to be Released, New Website

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Weerd Science just announced 400 hard copies of Red Light Juliet have been pressed, numbered, signed, and will be available for purchase on Wednesday, June 19th at 6pm Eastern Time on a brand new website:!

Weerd Science Red Light Juliet CD Announcement

Red Light Juliet released, #1 on bandcamp, Track-by-track Explanation, Physical Copies, Music Video in Progress

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The third official Weerd Science release, Red Light Juliet, was unveiled to the world on May 21st, 2013. We didn’t have as much as a preview of what to expect… save for tweets from @Weerd_Science, facebook posts, and an episode of The Neeshcast with Josh Eppard and co-producers: DJ Dirty Ern and Chris Bittner. We were clearly stoked though, Red Light Juliet made it to the #1 spot on on release day!


On the morning of the release, Josh tweeted a bit about each song.

Grab your digital copy at

This has been the most DIY Weerd Science release to date. Hell, Josh and the crew even asked for our input with hard copies! They decided to press 400 digipack CDs that will be numbered and signed. They will be available for purchase (at $10 plus shipping… they’ll also accept International orders) late June/early July. The Weerd Science facebook page will be the best way to know soon as the CDs are put up for order.

Oh hey, the Weerd Science crew have also joined forces with Videograf Productions and are filming a music video for “10 Smack Commandments!”

behind the scenes of Weerd Science - 10 Smack Commandments video shoot

New Old Songs Surface + Red Light Juliet out May 21st + Letter from Josh

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Weerd Science - Red Light Juliet album artwork by Geddes JonesBefore heading out to Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, and the Uproar Festival (Alice in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Circa Survive) with Coheed and Cambria; Josh Eppard will be releasing a brand new EP titled “Red Light Juliet.”

“Red Light Juliet” was self-recorded and will be self-released on bandcamp May 21st, 2013. Earlier today Josh was interviewed by WPDH in support of the release. Tomorrow he, Dirty Ern, and Chris Bittner will be co-hosting Neeshcast  #42.

The artwork was designed by Kingston, NY artist, Geddes Jones.

We have yet to hear any songs from it, however, two previously unreleased Weerd Science demos from before Josh rejoined Coheed and Cambria have popped up for free download.

Keep up with the latest on Facebook.

Hey Guys,

So it is almost time for Red Light Juliet (12 days!) and as the date gets closer I just wanted to take a minute to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Weerd Science along the way. It is truly a labor of love for everyone involved. To those who appreciate the music, we promise we won’t lay dormant for another 2 years!

Red Light Juliet was recorded in closets of houses and after hours in studios when we could get in. It is in earnest a guerilla style record and to tell ya the truth…. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just want you guys to know what it means to us that anyone gives a shit about our unique brand of hip hop. We’ll be releasing R.L.J. digitally on 5/21/13 on bandcamp with no money or promotion or any of that “official” nonsense. I personally love the idea of having a direct channel to the fans and with you guys onboard we can annoy the world together. Let’s bother some people. Help us spread the word and put Weerd Science in peoples ears so we can make more music. Ultimately that’s what this is about. We just wanna make more records. And as always we need your help to do that.

Spread. The. Words.


Infinity, TCNS feature, Asylum, Ugly Americans, Return to Coheed and Cambria

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Coheed and Cambria - Ryan RussellIt’s been a year since our last update, and boy has it been a year! Mr. Weerd Science is back in Coheed and Cambria!!! Since his return they’ve toured with Pianos Become The Teeth, Moving Mountains, IRON FUCKING MAIDEN, and between all sorts of festival appearances- Coheed and Cambria is about to set out on a tour with Josh’s first band- 3, as well as The Dear Hunter. Along with Josh’s return to Coheed and Cambria was the band’s return to the studio the Eppards helped build- Applehead Recording and Production. They’ve recorded a double album: The Afterman. Disc 1: Ascension will be released October 9, 2012. Tomorrow (August 28th) will be the official release of the debut single & music video for “Key Entity Extraction I: Domino The Destitute.”

The “Asylum in Skin” video (made possible by the Sick Kids Kickstarter campaign) has finally been released!

Since our last update two Weerd Science tracks have been released, PLUS a guest spot on a track by Wavis’ band- The City Never Sleeps. The TCNS track was produced by Wavis and the two WS tracks were produced by DJ Dirty Ern & Chris Bittner.

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Did You Hear?

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“Sick Kids” is out! 

Weerd Science sold copies all summer long on Vans Warped Tour, where he shared a joint set with MC Lars.  Weerd Science was also the one individual who dared perform TWICE every single day of the June-August tour.  In addition to his Weerd Science set, Josh also performed drums with Terrible Things.  Plus, got to hear Josh sing more on Warped as he covered some of Lars’ hooks, and took over some of Andy Jackson’s lines with Terrible Things.

Josh kept a weekly blog, which was posted to Property of Zack. Read his thoughts from the road on the very first national Weerd Science tour.

A million interviews have surfaced.  A good majority of them have been posted on the Josh Eppard Facebook Fanpage & the Fuck Yeah Josh Eppard Tumblr.

Now that Warped Tour 2011 has been wrapped up, Weerd Science is scheduled to play a Homecoming/Album Release show at The Basement in Kingston, NY on September 3rd.  Ages are 18+, tickets are $9, doors are at 9pm, and it’s gonna be one hell of a rare party!  If you’re going, or need help finding a ride/place to stay, try the official thread.

Physical copies of Sick Kids may be obtained at the new online merch store (there’s a new t-shirt too!) at MerchDirect.
Digitally you can download the album from Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon.

-there’s a special b-side on bandcamp

Almost forgot to mention, there’s 6 new Weerd Science MP3s!  The Weekend At Dirty’s Mixtape/EP and WS is featured on 2 of MC Lars’ Indie Rocket Science mixtape songs.

“Sick Kids” Album Art + 7 Days Left to Preorder!

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Sick KidsWithin the first week of Weerd Science’s kickstarter campaign, the fundraising goal was reached.  Pledges are still being accepted as preorders and if enough is raised, the album will also be pressed on vinyl!  There’s a week left to make a pledge, so head over there and grab your preorder package while you still can!

Check out the official press release below

Gets SICK on May 17th
Second Album Released on MC Lars’ Horris Records
UK and US Tour dates Announced

Kingston, NY – After his eight-year daily battle with opiates, Josh Eppard has kicked his addiction and will be releasing his long awaited second full-length album SICK KIDS under his solo moniker WEERD SCIENCE on May 17, 2011. He will be telling his story throughout Spring on The British Invasion Tour and all Summer long on Vans Warped Tour (tour dates). MC Lars will be releasing this collection of rhymes, raps, and beats on his independent label Horris Records, nearly six years after Weerd Science’s debut album Friends and Nervous BreakdownsSick Kids was co-produced by Eppard and Dave Parker (ex-Coheed and Cambria), tracked at Applehead Studios in Woodstock, NY and Darkworld Studios in Kingston, NY, and mixed by Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, Bad Brains).

Weerd Science by Ryan Russell

photo by Ryan Russell

Sick Kids is a journey in the fragile mind of a drug addict – feelings of hurt, guilt, sadness, happiness, and twisted thoughts. During the making of Sick Kids, Eppard was back and forth with drugs – moreback than forth. He explained, “Part of the guilt that haunted me daily was to look the people who were so excited to be making another Weerd Science record in the eyes and lie. I would convince them that I was sober and ready to work, but the truth is that I was shooting dope in the bathroom pretty much the entire session.” In no way does Sick Kids follow a specific theme, but the songs that have nothing to do with drugs were his way of running from the truth. Deep down inside, this album was his cry for help. Drugs didn’t necessarily enhance his creative mind, so he kept Sick Kids as-is. “It would’ve been vastly different if I was sober,” he continues. “It would also be an injustice to my struggle with addiction to gloss my performances.” Realizing when he was sober that the more good people he knew became distant during his addiction. “You open your eyes one day and ask yourself, ‘Why am I in a car with two homeless guys and a hooker at 4am?’ The people in your life who were honest and decent are gone,” he reflects. After two years of being clean, he no longer gets the urge like he used to, back when he had dreams of getting high and would have to wake up in the middle of the night to shake it off. “It’s such a great feeling to be beyond this… I know what it’s like to not want to live and literally hold a knife to your wrist and pray to God that this time you’ll have the courage to slice.”

As a drummer, Eppard has seen the ups and downs of the music industry first hand, which was even the topic of his Weerd Science debut Friends and Nervous Breakdowns (Equal Vision). He began his career drumming in the band 3 (Universal) in 1992 prior to joining Coheed and Cambria (Columbia) in 2001. After parting ways with the band in 2006 and taking time to clean up, Eppard’s love of drumming drew him back to his current band Terrible Things (Universal Motown). Opting to release his debut on an independent label, Eppard confides, “In my opinion, a label in this day and age can’t offer me anything as an artist. Labels fail more than they succeed. Why should I sign a deal where they have their hands in my touring revenue, merch, and my everything when all they can offer me is a fancy building and some free lunch every few months?”

Eppard wanted his fans to be directly involved with this album, so he created a KickStarter campaign, and within five days, he reached his goal of $4,000 dollars. Currently, he’s surpassed his goal by nearly $2,000 and there is still seven days left. “Weerd Science can be as big as the world wants it to be,” he surmises. “I’m tired of boring music and I’m not following a system designed to limit what’s available to us as consumers.”

Help fund Sick Kids! + more

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Josh and MC Lars at Horris Records have started a Kickstarter page so that you can pledge money towards the release of Sick Kids later this year in May. Please take a second to check it out–a total of $4000 needs to be raised by April 6th, and any little bit helps. Here is a list of some of the rewards you get for pledging:

  • $5 or more gets you a download of the album.
  • $10 or more gets you a download of the album and the exclusive Rare EP, unreleased WS tracks!
  • $15 or more gets you all that plus an autographed copy of the record.
  • $30 or more gets you all that plus a WS shirt and autographed poster
  • $50 or more gets you all that plus a WS hoodie
  • $75 or more gets you all that plus a USB pill with all the digital downloads and a copy of the new video.

Pretty awesome stuff. You can even get private drum lessons from Josh himself if you pledge $500 or more, or a private show and exclusive track recorded for $1000. You won’t get those opportunities again! Please consider being an individual part of the success and awesomeness that will be Sick Kids.



Also check out a pretty great interview conducted by MC Lars with Weerd Science at Alternative Press here. You can even listen to a new track from Sick Kids–“Unlovable Loser”.


SiCk KiDs release date?!?!!!

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Are you following Josh’s twitter? Earlier today he tweeted that SiCk KiDs will be out May 17th on Horris Records! Holy crap, finally!

Kill Your Rapper is on the lookout for a preorder.

But before the album release and his UK tour in May (with MC Chris, Akira The Don, MC Lars) it looks like Mr. Eppard is gonna throwdown in his new hometown!  March 12th WS will be performing with Wavis’ rock band- The City Never Sleeps– at Valentine’s in Albany, NY for $5.

Josh also recently tweeted that he’s doing a collaboration with DJ Big Chocolate and over on facebook Weerd Science posted this dope video of him and Pugs freestyling…

MerchNow has this promotion going on all month that they’re calling MarchNOW Clearance.  Among the gazillion items on sale is the Weerd Science Butterflies t-shirt- for $5.99.  That’s like, half price!  What a steal!  Only Large and 2XL sizes are left.

I waited this long to tell you kids exactly how it is, under medicated and ready to scream it in your ears!

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Holy crap! Loads of fucking new information to share…

The Warped Tour dates have been confirmed…  Weerd Science will be performing alongside MC Lars for the ENTIRE tour.  But before they head out there, the two are hitting up the UK with Akira the Don & MC Chris throughout the month of May!  All of the dates have been added to our shows section.

“Sick Kids” is coming out mid-year! Soon as there’s more info, we’ll be sure to share it.

Science isn’t dead… yet

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On holiday break after a steady year of recording, touring, releasing, and touring some more with Terrible Things, Weerd Science hopped on twitter and proclaimed that he NEEDED to record some hip-hop.  Josh explained that his DJ, Dirty Ern, also fell into some free time and so the two walled-up in Dirty’s basement apartment to bring an old concept to life.  He kept followers updated as he wrote and recorded 2 new songs right on the spot, which they posted up for free download immediately.  They refer to the session as, “Weekend At Dirty’s” and warned that it will happen again.

The two songs, “Plague Days” and “The Spawn of Lies Spun” are up on

During his twitter spree, Josh also shared that Sick Kids will be coming out this year on MC Lars’ label, Horris Records.  There’s also rumors circulating that both rappers will be performing at the 2011 Warped Tour…