Science isn’t dead… yet

On holiday break after a steady year of recording, touring, releasing, and touring some more with Terrible Things, Weerd Science hopped on twitter and proclaimed that he NEEDED to record some hip-hop.  Josh explained that his DJ, Dirty Ern, also fell into some free time and so the two walled-up in Dirty’s basement apartment to bring an old concept to life.  He kept followers updated as he wrote and recorded 2 new songs right on the spot, which they posted up for free download immediately.  They refer to the session as, “Weekend At Dirty’s” and warned that it will happen again.

The two songs, “Plague Days” and “The Spawn of Lies Spun” are up on

During his twitter spree, Josh also shared that Sick Kids will be coming out this year on MC Lars’ label, Horris Records.  There’s also rumors circulating that both rappers will be performing at the 2011 Warped Tour…

~ by Neesh on January 11, 2011.

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