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Weerd Science + Bobby Delicious
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  1. Dedicated [mp3]
  2. Progress [mp3]
  3. C’mon [mp3]
  4. Art War (with Bleed Theory) [mp3]
  5. Different Route [mp3]
  6. Mission Improbable [mp3]
  7. Father Forgive Us [mp3]
  8. The Beat Goes On (ft GQ) [mp3]
  9. Beyond These Years (ft Joey Eppard) [mp3]
  10. Backyard Battles [mp3]
  11. Blood of Jesus [mp3]
  12. Educate [mp3]
  13. Small Town Hell (ft Joey Eppard) [mp3]


Weekend At Dirty’s (2011)

  1. Plague Days
  2. The Spawn of Lies Spun
  3. Therapy Session
  4. Truth Hits Everyone

Weerd Science (2004)

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  1. Methods N Test Tubes (demo)
  2. Conspiracy Theories w_out Mel Gibson (demo)
  3. Blueprint (demo)
  4. Super Friends (demo)

Leader One (2002)

Weerd Science + Majestic
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  1. Blink of an I [mp3]
  2. L1 (feat. E.Q.) [mp3]
  3. March of the Peasants (feat. E.Q.) [mp3]
  4. Robots Gone Wrong [mp3]
  5. Somethings Coming [mp3]
  6. The Bottom (feat. E.Q.) [mp3]
  7. They Call Me [mp3]

Various MP3 Collections


  1. Coke Whores & Cold Sores
  2. Rumors
  3. Ugly Americans
  4. Infinity
  5. Everything’s Wonderful?
  6. Freestyle from ’08

Collaborations (95.2mb)

right click here to download

  1. Big Chocolate featuring Weerd Science – “Sound of My Voice”
  2. Bobby Delicious with Weerd Science and Kenny Camacho – “A Man and His Mic”
  3. Bobby Delicious featuring Weerd Science – “Evil Evil”
  4. Maze Man with Weerd Science – “Stank You”
  5. Maze Man with Weerd Science, Session 606, Wavis – “Tech Echos”
  6. Maze Man & Weerd Science – “Bedroom Emcees”
  7. MC Lars with Weerd Science, Gangstroph The Baptist and Stellar Young – “How to Be an Indie Rapper”
  8. MC Lars with Weerd Science – “Industry 1-8-7”
  9. MC Lars featuring Weerd Science – “Twenty-Three” (2011 Remix)
  10. Newborn (Weerd Science & Bobby Delicious) featuring Joey Eppard – “Beyond These Years”
  11. Pugs featuring Weerd Science – “Can’t Find My Way”
  12. Rick Whispers with Weerd Science – “Everywhere That We Go”
  13. The City Never Sleeps (Stellar Young) with Weerd Science and MIRK – “All The Effort”

UnRapped (5.6mb)

  1. Dear S.A.M. (with Joey Eppard, Wavis, Dirty Ern, Gartdrumm, Session 606, Daniel Grimsland, Gangstroph)

ReRaps (4.6mb)

right click here to download

  1. “I Wish I Went To College” (Asher Roth)

Rare Songs (65.8mb)

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  1. Heaven Burns [mp3]
  2. I Am This City [mp3]
  3. Isolated (w/ Majestic) [mp3]
  4. Suck My Dick [mp3]
  5. Business [mp3]
  6. Side to Side [mp3]
  7. Try Anything [mp3]
  8. Kabul [mp3]
  9. Isolated (w/ Danny Ilchuck) [mp3]
  10. Blood is Funner Than Water [mp3]
  11. If You Think You Know… [mp3]
  12. It’s Only A Matter of Time [mp3]
  13. Rage [mp3]

Remixes (6.8mb)

right click here to download

  1. God Bless Pepsi (Delicious remix)
  2. Blood is Funner Than Water (Wavis Remix)

Live Sets

UnRapped at Art To Zen Tattoo in Rochester, NY 07.25.09 (25.1mb)

right click here to download

  1. Intro
  2. How To Be A…
  3. Zodiac
  4. In A City With No Name
  5. XOXO Hugs ‘n’ Kisses
  6. Clap if You ❤ Someone
  7. Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Dept

credit: Neesh

Live at Club Diablo in Buffalo, NY 09.11.08 (24.1mb)

right click here to download

  1. Conspiracy Theories w/out Mel Gibson
  2. How to be A…
  3. Fuck All People
  4. My War, Your Problem
  5. God Bless Pepsi
  6. Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Dept
  7. Blueprint
  8. Zodiac

credit: Morbid Studios

Live at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA 09.22.07 (66mb)

right click here to download

  1. Intro
  2. Conspiracy Theories w/out Mel Gibson
  3. How to be A…
  4. My War, Your Problem
  5. God Bless Pepsi
  6. Blueprint
  7. Joshua, They’re Laughing at You
  8. Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Dept.
  9. Girl, Your Baby’s Worm Food

credit: Travelinbeat

Live at CBGBs in New York, NY 05.22.05 (38.6mb)

right click here to download

  1. Conspiracy Theories w/out Mel Gibson
  2. How to be A…
  3. My War, Your Problem
  4. God Bless Pepsi
  5. Blueprint
  6. Joshua, They’re Laughing at You
  7. Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Dept.

credit: Nathan Rosenquist

49 Responses to “Audio”

  1. Man I haven’t been able to find business or side to side anywhere, thanks a lot. I’m always fiending for more Weerd Science. You think we’re gonna get a download version of The Clap, Fuck all People, or Zodiac?

    • Sure–there you go, I’ve added them to the page! Thanks for commenting.

    • U can get The Clap Fuck All People and Zodiac when the album drops! In stores everywhere!

      • Haha! Yeah! Do you want me to take them off here now or is it cool to keep them up until the record comes out?

      • oh i’ll be buying it when it comes out. waited way to long to not support the men putting out all this good music. i think i’ll prolly buy another copy of FaNB just for good measure, just to make sure we still got some music coming out in the future. glad i got ’em before they were gone. 😛

  2. I can’t get these files to play? Am i retarded?

    • You need to right click them to save as, then unzip them with WinRAR–inside the zipped archive are mp3s that can be played with any media player. Go to the WinRAR website (search the name on Google) and download it there. It’s free and absolutely essential for a computer, no fishy business.

  3. thanx

  4. Damn dude! Nice collection.

    And thanks!

  5. Hey man….just a heads-up:
    I can’t get “08 – Fuck You and Your Filthy A&R Department” from Lancaster, PA to play. I tried extracting it again but it still didn’t work. Might be a bad file.


    • That’s weird. I just downloaded the file from here to check and it played fine for me. Maybe try downloading the whole thing again? I did notice that 05 – God Bless Pepsi is mislabeled… So maybe I’ll reupload the whole thing to fix that, too. Let me know if re-downloading the file doesn’t fix it for you!

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  7. shit’s all way solid

    right on

  8. Anyone have the demo for “Conspiracy Theories w/out Mel Gibson”? I remember hearing it back in the day with a slightly altered first verse.

    • Hot Damn! its all bout the leader one album.

      i barley got into Weerd Science and im fucken loving them.

    • I have, I think, two different demos for Conspiracy Theories. I’ll look in the morning and post them up later tomorrow.

    • Whoops, sorry Ken. Forgot to post the link to it. Turns out I only had one version–what I thought was another demo was just a rough album mix. Anyway, hope this is what you were looking for:

      [audio src="" /]

      Right click and save as if you want to download!

      • Sweet! I think that was the one I was looking for.

        There was also a version/demo of “Methods N’ Test Tubes” with a different intro and altered chorus. Have you heard it?

  9. weerd ktown science . just now listening to the grave demo tracks. Way more tracks in the weerd discography than I thought. good times.

    • Your nephew is quite prolific! Everybody still wants more, so that must say something about the musical talent that runs in the Eppard veins. You should check out the 3 fansite I have up at, it has some old stuff that is really, really great. Always looking for more, though. We fans just can’t get enough!

  10. lovvvveee itttt!!! me and science are doing a remix to eminems 3am, well a parody really, its called 4am!!! im sure evan will get his hands on it haha

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  12. Thanks. This is a great collection. I’ve never heard anything other than what’s off FANB, so this will be great.

  13. College re-rap doesn’t work! Please repost!

    Thank you!

  14. Science man you gotta get to Burlington VT for a show.. These kids up here need it. I am a local artist and would love to set up a show with you!

  15. Weerd Science is fucking great. Any idea why i can’t download I Wish I Went To College. Thanks.

  16. im trying to find the clap track

  17. […] KYR news, we updated the interview section a bit more as well as the audio page.  Many thanks to Jonathon Snyder for ripping the audio from Neesh’s video of Weerd Science […]

  18. I really wish that new album would get released yo.

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  20. So dude I noticed you have a lot of cool shit here, where do you get it all? Also thanks for the access to it all, I am a junkie for Josh’s flows.

  21. […] Weerd Science – “It’s Only A Matter of Time” From The Grave EP [free download] […]

  22. […] Weerd Science – “It’s Only A Matter of Time” From The Grave EP [free download] […]

  23. […] Weerd Science – “It’s Only A Matter of Time” From The Grave EP [free download] […]

  24. […] Newborn with Joey Eppard – “Beyond These Years” [free download] […]

  25. the Collaborations file is corrupt or broken, its ashame cause theres some awesome stuff in there I would love to get

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  27. […] if for a very sad event of our mutual friend’s passing. Josh performed some songs from the Newborn record he did with Bobby years ago and I did a rap song “Born In December” that Bobby and I […]

  28. Thanks man, been a weerd science fan for awhile. He’s pretty much what got me into underground hip-hop: after him I found Cage, Chris Webby, Spose (my favorite rapper probably, besides Cage), and Apathy.

    • oh, also worthy to note: Wordburglar. If you haven’t heard of him, then do yourself a favor and do; he is like the MC Lars of Canada.

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