In the end we’re not that different… just you got a degree and I didn’t.

A few days ago Weerd Science and DJ Dirty Ern were just chillin at Mazeman’s, shootin the shit when suddenly WS started spittin fire to the tune of Asher Roth’s “I Love College.”  Luckily Maze’s living room doubles as studio, so Josh cut some tracks and Ern threw ’em together.

Listen to “I Wish I Went to College” on myspace and head over to the audio section to grab up the mp3!

I Wish I Went to College

I Wish I Went to College

~ by Neesh on May 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “In the end we’re not that different… just you got a degree and I didn’t.”

  1. Hey Josh, and everyone else who makes Weerd Science happen, i just want to say; this song, and everything else you’ve been putting out is ridiculous. I LOVE the stuff, and you kill all the other rappers around right now- Asher Roth’s ok, but your version of his song- compared to his shows how much talent you have compared to him. The best part is you did this for free, for fun. I have one problem though- i’ve been trying to download your demos and random songs you have under the audio section and they haven’t been working- i save link as… and it comes up as a webpage- i really want those songs to hold me over till Sick KIds comes out so.. if you could get back that’d be awesome. thanks keep up the good stuff yo.

    • Jimmy,

      I just checked the links in the Audio section and they all seem to be working. Instead of right clicking just try clicking it like normal. They should download for you. Make sure you have WinRAR (just search it on Google if you don’t have it) to unzip the files once they download.

      Thanks for the comment and sorry they weren’t working for you!

  2. I listened to it, and i must say, it was awesome! i love Asher Roth’s song, but personally, i believe that Josh put more realistic lyrics to the beat. great song.

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