MC Lars featuring Weerd Science

A week and a half ago DJ Dirty Ern and MC Lars tweeted that they were working on a song with Weerd Science at Mazeman Studio!  Dirty Ern posted some pics and and uStreamed for a quick sec to give us a glimpse of the magic that was goin’ down in there.

MC Lars posted a video podcast that peeks in on their writing session as well as a snippet of the track!

This song will be on MC Lars’ forthcoming record, Lars Attacks.

In KYR news, we updated the interview section a bit more as well as the audio page. Thanks to Jonathon Snyder we now have MP3’s of Weerd Science UnRapped at Art To Zen Tattoo!

The Terrible Things self-titled debut album is now in stores!  TT’s going on tour in October for seven weeks with the original line-up of MAE (it’s their farewell tour).  For complete tour dates visit

~ by Neesh on September 21, 2010.

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