SiCk KiDs release date?!?!!!

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Are you following Josh’s twitter? Earlier today he tweeted that SiCk KiDs will be out May 17th on Horris Records! Holy crap, finally!

Kill Your Rapper is on the lookout for a preorder.

But before the album release and his UK tour in May (with MC Chris, Akira The Don, MC Lars) it looks like Mr. Eppard is gonna throwdown in his new hometown!  March 12th WS will be performing with Wavis’ rock band- The City Never Sleeps– at Valentine’s in Albany, NY for $5.

Josh also recently tweeted that he’s doing a collaboration with DJ Big Chocolate and over on facebook Weerd Science posted this dope video of him and Pugs freestyling…

MerchNow has this promotion going on all month that they’re calling MarchNOW Clearance.  Among the gazillion items on sale is the Weerd Science Butterflies t-shirt- for $5.99.  That’s like, half price!  What a steal!  Only Large and 2XL sizes are left.

I waited this long to tell you kids exactly how it is, under medicated and ready to scream it in your ears!

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Holy crap! Loads of fucking new information to share…

The Warped Tour dates have been confirmed…  Weerd Science will be performing alongside MC Lars for the ENTIRE tour.  But before they head out there, the two are hitting up the UK with Akira the Don & MC Chris throughout the month of May!  All of the dates have been added to our shows section.

“Sick Kids” is coming out mid-year! Soon as there’s more info, we’ll be sure to share it.

Science isn’t dead… yet

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On holiday break after a steady year of recording, touring, releasing, and touring some more with Terrible Things, Weerd Science hopped on twitter and proclaimed that he NEEDED to record some hip-hop.  Josh explained that his DJ, Dirty Ern, also fell into some free time and so the two walled-up in Dirty’s basement apartment to bring an old concept to life.  He kept followers updated as he wrote and recorded 2 new songs right on the spot, which they posted up for free download immediately.  They refer to the session as, “Weekend At Dirty’s” and warned that it will happen again.

The two songs, “Plague Days” and “The Spawn of Lies Spun” are up on

During his twitter spree, Josh also shared that Sick Kids will be coming out this year on MC Lars’ label, Horris Records.  There’s also rumors circulating that both rappers will be performing at the 2011 Warped Tour…

MC Lars featuring Weerd Science

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A week and a half ago DJ Dirty Ern and MC Lars tweeted that they were working on a song with Weerd Science at Mazeman Studio!  Dirty Ern posted some pics and and uStreamed for a quick sec to give us a glimpse of the magic that was goin’ down in there.

MC Lars posted a video podcast that peeks in on their writing session as well as a snippet of the track!

This song will be on MC Lars’ forthcoming record, Lars Attacks.

In KYR news, we updated the interview section a bit more as well as the audio page. Thanks to Jonathon Snyder we now have MP3’s of Weerd Science UnRapped at Art To Zen Tattoo!

The Terrible Things self-titled debut album is now in stores!  TT’s going on tour in October for seven weeks with the original line-up of MAE (it’s their farewell tour).  For complete tour dates visit

Terrible Things Album + Collabo with Mazeman

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August 31st, 2010 Terrible Things’ self-titled debut album is hitting the shelves!  Til then, their first single, “Revolution,” is up on iTunes.  According to our friends at The Broken Radio, promo singles have been sent out to radio stations, so make sure to call up your local rock radio station and request they play it!

In the meantime, a few songs from the record have been posted for us to listen to!  “Up At Night,” “Lullaby (which is a new version of an old Breaking Pangaea song),” “Wrap Me Up,” “Terrible Things,” “Been Here Before,” “Not Alone,” and the studio version of the first demo they shared with us- “The Hills of Birmingham.”

ShockHound put up a super cheap $6.99 digital download preorder.  Amazon‘s got the CD for $10…  And the band, (according to twitter) will begin selling the album at Envy on The Coast’s final Philadelphia show on August 27th.

August 28th Terrible Things are performing in Woodstock, New York with Josh’s first band- 3!

August 29th is Josh’s Hometown Release show for Terrible Things.  We haven’t heard any details yet, other than that it will be at The Basement (where last year’s Eppard Extravaganza was held, as well as Weerd Science’s first hometown show in 5 years).

August 30th the band will be at Looney Tunes record store in West Babylon, NY (Long Island) to perform and autograph copies of the album!  To get entrance into that, you’ve gotta preorder the album or a VIP package through the store here.

Tuesday, August 31st is the release!

September 1st will be Fred Mascherino’s Hometown Release show at The Note in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

They just got off a mini tour with Circa Survive and O’Brother, some Warped Tour dates, Canadian shows with Minus The Bear and a string of shows with The Offspring!  If you can’t make it to any of those special release gigs, Terrible Things will be on Mae’s national farewell tour from October 1st through Thanksgiving.

The band’s been posting some… intimate videos from tour on their Facebook page.

oh yeah, AP Magazine wrote a full page about Terrible Things and gave it 4.5 stars!

And!!! just yesterday Mazeman and Dirty Ern posted up some unreleased tracks for free download…  One we’ve already got on here, “Bedroom Emcees,” and one featuring Weerd Science that we haven’t heard before!  “Tech Echoes.”  Ant Masington plays guitar and sings on a couple of the songs too.  Wavis also lent his hand to a bunch of the tunes.

Oh! We also added a cool interview with Josh and Fred Mascherino to the Interviews Section.

Terrible Things debut song + Rick Whispers featuring Weerd Science + Flannel Channel

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It’s been a while since we updated, but Mr. Weerd Science sure has been busy!

Terrible Things just returned from their first tour. On their way out west and back they played with Circa Survive, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Story of the Year, Dashboard Confessional… They’re heading out East in May with Anberlin and SOTY. April 17th Terrible Things released a 7″ single of the “The Hills of Birmingham” demo and the “Up At Night” acoustic demo for Record Store Day. We found this super cool 2 part video interview with Josh and Fred Mascherino

Also while scouring youtube, Kill Your Rapper came across some live footage of Terrible Things’ San Francisco show captured by Josh’s uncle, John The Baker!  And Alternative Press’ video of “Up at Night” from their “100 Bands You Need to Know in 2010” SXSW showcase.

As of yesterday, we finally have a chance to hear a studio track from Josh’s new band!!! It’s called, “Revolution.”

In Weerd Science news- Rick Whispers posted a dope song featuring Josh titled, “Everywhere That We Go.”

Lurking around Dirty Ern and CJB’s twitters, Kill Your Rapper has learned the two Super Posse of Awesomeness members are working on a project together- Flannel Channel.  They’ve been posting about it on @FlannelChannel and streamed live from Applehead Studio on Wednesday while Weerd Science was in the vocal booth!  The duo have been sharing video clips and photos on  Last month they posted a video of Josh on drums.  Flannel Channel sounds like a truly awesome project!  They’ve tweeted/facebooked/tumblr’d about Ant Masington (Session 606), Gartdrumm, Joey Eppard, Emily Long, Mazeman, Rick Whispers, Pugs, Alanna Quinn (Medicated Kisses), Jared Colby, Ryan Moran (The Midnight Renewal), Phil Puma, and the female rapper Sarai also being in the studio over the past few months!  It was really cool watching Josh write/record on the stream.  Can’t wait to hear the finished song!

Terrible Things and Kabul!

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New (old ass) demo up for download in the Media section, or right click here to save “Kabul,” a sick ass song.

Sorry that the forum has been dead and glitchy and fucking shit. SMF is not a forum software that likes WS apparently. Maybe it’ll be better now? Test it out!

I also added a TERRIBLE THINGS section to the forum, to discuss Josh’s newest project, previously called Initials. He’s back on the drums!