Beyond Gotham trailer ft/ Weerd Science!

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A trailer for the upcoming underground hip hop documentary called Beyond Gotham just got put up. You can see Dirty Ern, Weerd Science and Wavis there.

Check the trailer out here:

LIVE in Rochester

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Saturday, July 25th, Weerd Science will be performing at the 5th annual BBoy BBQ – the independent showcase of hip hop art and culture as well as celebration of FUA Krew‘s 20th anniversary

Make sure to stick around and catch the 9pm premiere screening of "Beyond Gotham," the independent documentary that focuses on the gritty and unseen world of underground hip hop in places like Kingston, Albany, and Rochester, NY… (including exclusive interviews with and live footage of Weerd Science)

914 North Clinton
Rochester, NY

Bedroom Emcees DOWNLOAD!

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We got a hold of the mp3 for the Weerd Science/Mazeman collaboration “Bedroom Emcees” (from Dirty Ern’s myspace page) and put it up for download in the audio section for you to snag and play on your mp3 players/burn to CD!

New track! “Bedroom MCs”

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There’s a new track up called Bedroom MCs with Weerd Science and Mazeman. Check it out on Dirty Ern’s myspace here!

Update from the Science Lab

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of a string of Weerd Science shows this summer! The shows page has been updated, and there’s more to come!

Josh is also dusting off his drum set for some shows this summer! So far:

Emily Long – 06/15/09 – Kingston, NY @ The Basement (along with Wavis on guitar)

E-Males – 06/19/09 – Accord, NY @ Rondout Valley High (benefit for Wounded Warrior Project)

The Super Posse of Awesomeness wants your own media for inclusion in the Weerd Science live set! More info…

The Weerd Science Rebel Alliance Street Team is reforming. Shoot an email to for details!

Another re-rap coming?

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News has been kind of slow recently. A ton of stuff is in the works, so a flood of stuff will probably happen pretty soon. Did I mention we had a FORUM now? Sign up! Chat with other WS fans from around the world, get the latest news the second it becomes available, and just show some love in general.

In other news, Mattrix let us know over on the Audio page comments that another re-rap is in the works, this time over Eminem’s new song, 3am. If it’s anything like the re-rap of “I Love College,” expect an amazing track!


I Wish I Went To College video collage

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Neesh posted up a video collage with Josh’s re-rap of Asher Roth’s song “I Love College” on YouTube. Check it out! Not only is the track super sick, the video is pretty cool to watch.

We now have a forum!

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There is now a link on the sidebar for a Forum! Sign up and start discussing the new record and anything else you may want to discuss.

In related news, I also used to run a fansite for the band 3. That band is fronted by the brother of Josh Eppard, Joey. It’s over at, and this forum will serve as the forum for both websites. Enjoy! And play nice!

I Wish I Went to College lyrics!

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I transcribed the lyrics to “I Wish I Went to College” and put them up in the lyrics section. Let me know if you find any corrections. There are a few parts I’m unsure of and love to get help on these!

I know everyone is enjoying the new stuff, and we’re all hyped for Sick Kids, but make sure to remember where it all started and show Friends and Nervous Breakdowns some love, too! The EVR store has it on sale for $10! They also have some Weerd Science posters available. I have a couple and they look good. Go pick up a copy of the old record if you don’t have it!

BUT IT NOW! $10!

In the end we’re not that different… just you got a degree and I didn’t.

•May 26, 2009 • 3 Comments

A few days ago Weerd Science and DJ Dirty Ern were just chillin at Mazeman’s, shootin the shit when suddenly WS started spittin fire to the tune of Asher Roth’s “I Love College.”  Luckily Maze’s living room doubles as studio, so Josh cut some tracks and Ern threw ’em together.

Listen to “I Wish I Went to College” on myspace and head over to the audio section to grab up the mp3!

I Wish I Went to College

I Wish I Went to College