Be Part of WEERD SCIENCE’s Live Show!

We’ve been messing with live video mixing and decided to incorporate it into our show. We want the FaNBs to contribute! Over the years we’ve collected some awesome fan art and want to give back. Submit short video clips (around 12 seconds or less) or your Weerd Science-inspired art, photos, graphics, any fucking media… and if it’s dope, we’ll throw it into our live show. Whether it’s a video clip you took on your phone, or you have a pro camera. Whether it’s a homeless person picking up empty beer cans or you just want to rap along with the CD… Whatever inspires you. Hell, you can even scribble with crayons and scan it in. Doodle with sidewalk chalk… any content or quality is accepted. Just show us what Weerd Science is to you!

Email your submissions to by July 31st.

~ by Neesh on May 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Be Part of WEERD SCIENCE’s Live Show!”

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  2. […] You can still participate in our fall stage show! Here’s how. If you’d like to help spread the word of Weerd Science shoot an email […]

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