SiCk KiDs release date?!?!!!

Are you following Josh’s twitter? Earlier today he tweeted that SiCk KiDs will be out May 17th on Horris Records! Holy crap, finally!

Kill Your Rapper is on the lookout for a preorder.

But before the album release and his UK tour in May (with MC Chris, Akira The Don, MC Lars) it looks like Mr. Eppard is gonna throwdown in his new hometown!  March 12th WS will be performing with Wavis’ rock band- The City Never Sleeps– at Valentine’s in Albany, NY for $5.

Josh also recently tweeted that he’s doing a collaboration with DJ Big Chocolate and over on facebook Weerd Science posted this dope video of him and Pugs freestyling…

MerchNow has this promotion going on all month that they’re calling MarchNOW Clearance.  Among the gazillion items on sale is the Weerd Science Butterflies t-shirt- for $5.99.  That’s like, half price!  What a steal!  Only Large and 2XL sizes are left.

~ by Neesh on March 6, 2011.

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