Random updates

Looks like Neesh updated the Video section with links to the SiCk KiDs studio videos, “Germs???” and “Rape Kit.” Check them out if you haven’t seen them for small tastes of the new tunes and a look at how the recording process happens.

Drew Manoram, a helpful visitor to the site, dropped in and helped figure out a lyric from “Try Anything”. Remember, if you ever have a lyrical correction or addition or whatever, comment and tell us! This site started out as a lyric site a few years ago and as such there is a special place, at least in my heart, for them. Weerd Science has always had a duality between begging to be heard and just not giving a shit, so knowing the messages behind the songs is essential–for this reason, I think the lyrics are important. Know them! Help everyone else out if you know a line we don’t!

It also came to my attention that I left the 2003 demo of “Suck My Dick” out of the download pack on the Audio page. Sorry about that! I’ll upload the song tomorrow seperately so you don’t need to download the whole pack again if you have.

Something crazy I just realized: the four year anniversary of the release of Friends and Nervous Breakdowns was last month. We’ve had that record for four years, and demos were floating around long before that. The effect Weerd Science has had on me or my life hasn’t faded in all that time–it’s only grown exponentially, in fact. And that will continue, I’m sure, with the release of the new album. Are you all as stoked as I am?

~ by evanc88 on April 18, 2009.

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