I love you, girl, but you gave me the clap!

* clap clap!*

Hey sick kids, check out the Weerd Science myspace page–“The Clap” has 167,000+ plays. That’s a big ass number! More than songs that have been posted up there for four years! That’s a good sign for the new record, don’t you think? Wavis thinks it’s because the song is so girl-friendly and infectious. Pretty good guess, in my opinion.

While you’re on the page make sure to listen to “Dear Sam” and “Fuck All People”! Get those playcounts up, too. Hell, listen to every song, then go buy Friends and Nervous Breakdowns even if you already have it, and listen to that. Keep Weerd Science on the brain, a ton of stuff is coming soon!

~ by evanc88 on April 24, 2009.

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