Sick Kids Tracklist!

The tracklist for Sick Kids was posted on the Weerd Science myspace today. Check it out!

01. Intro w/ Clip Payne of P-Funk
02. Drugs
03. The Voices on Prince St., Kingston, NY 12401
04. The Zodiac (Underground Rap Killer)
05. Dear S.A.M. I’m Dead to You
06. Baby Parts
07. Clap if You ❤ Someone
08. Shootin’ Up
09. Speedballs (Kingston’s High)
10. XOXO Hugs n Kisses
11. Slacker
12. L1 leader w/ Majestic and Gangstroph the Baptist
13. Finality (foreward by GTB)
14. Everything’s Wonderful?
15. Outro

Looks like a few tracks we know of have been renamed. I can’t fucking wait to hear it!

~ by evanc88 on April 29, 2009.

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